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In a nutshell, Social Media Marketing encompasses a range of marketing mediums that allow users to connect, share and interact online. Using video, short status updates and various other tools, it has never been as easy to connect as it is today. Statistics show that the social media is set to reach an all-time high, with over 500 million users on Facebook alone. This creates huge opportunities for exposure, brand awareness and traffic. Our team of skilled online experts understand the nature of each social networking channel, and how to use each channel for optimal results.

Many businesses and website owners take the plunge into Social Media without a clear goal set of what they want to achieve, setting yourself up for failure. This is where we come in. An effective Social Media strategy requires planning and strategy. Setting goals for you social media marketing campaign is of paramount importance. Social Media marketing goals, coupled with a deep knowledge and understanding of your target market, knowing when, where and how to target your audience will be your roadmap to a succesfull campaign.

Social Media opens an ongoing channel of communication between you and your potential customers. Can you afford to miss out?

Major social networking platforms include the following:




Now available in over 70 languages, approximately 175 million users log on to Facebook every single day. Users are able to share information quickly and easily, and friends' activity is also displayed. From fan pages to groups, Facebook offers a plethora of promotion activities for businesses aiming to connect to their target audience and grow their presence online.



Twitter has managed to see one of the biggest growths in social network history, with a current estimate of over 100 million users. Used correctly, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to promote and connect to current and prospective customers in real-time.



Millions of visitors watch millions of videos online everyday, 90% of those are using YouTube to do so. Offering an excellent way for your company to be seen and heard YouTube affords you the ability to create a viral stir, and use the power of video to reach wider audiences than ever before.